Aniji Front Attachment Pins for Ita Bags and Ita Bag Inserts

Posted by Ivy K on

For a very long time, I was looking for a special pin to hang charms and key chains on to ita bags.  I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew its out there.  I used safety pins to hang up 20 charms to try out the Nero Bag.  Back then, I just received the Nero bag sample from the factory.

My experience using safety pins to hang my charms was meh.  It was frustrating for me because I couldn't get the charms to line up straight.  The charms were always somehow off by a little and they didn't sit or positioned in the right spot.  Then the length of the pin metal that was showing, was never uniform.  Some times it show too much or some times i couldn't wrap the pin around the metal loop on the charm.  When I tried to pin the charms on the bottom of the bag, I find myself fighting for space like fighting for air to breathe.  There just wasn't enough space for my hands to adjust the charms.  Then I pricked myself countless time.  The  worst thing was when I thought the pin is not going through the fabric, so I pushed a little harder, just to jump out of my skin because the pin needle struck flesh, and its deeeeep.  I gave the safety pins so many death stares, but in the end I still had to handle them with care.  Life is so unfair, its abusive. hahah 

I think the safety pin is adequate to do its job as securing the charm to the fabric of an ita bag.  But it lacks grace in appearance.  It is a pain to use it and very frustrating with tight spaces.  It is inefficient and takes a lot of effort to re arrange or redesign your display.  After seeing so many ita bags, I respect all the ita bag fans for being super patient and full of passion when decorating their collections.  They take the time to hide the pins from showing by hiding them under another pin or charm. That takes great skills.

When I found the front attachment pins, I was seriously overjoyed.  I felt my heart almost jumped out of my body. lol.  I felt the sense of satisfaction and finally found the missing piece to a puzzle.  I felt the emptiness filled. hahahah.  I was so happy for the itabag fans because they have one more option other than  safety pins. Can you believe it? A charm pin can give us a quality life? lol.

I may be bias, I find the front attachment charm pins are great alternatives to safety pins for attaching charms to Ita Bags and Ita Bag Inserts. I prefer this method over safety pins for the following reasons.

1. I use the charm pins to attach charms to the front of the ita bag insert vs the back.  Charm Pins will eliminate the struggle to work in tight spaces from the back of an ita bag such as the top, bottom or corners of the bag.

2.  There is no lock for the charm pins, it is a simple push and pull to reposition the pin on the front of the insert. Unlike the safety pin, it requires a lock to the pin from the back, some times i have to lock it blind sighted.

3.  Mapping, planning and re-adjusting a charm placement and location is more accurate and efficient because charm pins are convenient to use.  User can see in real time where the charm will be secured.

4.  The hanging surface of charm pins are almost not visible.   Most of the time, viewer don't notice the charm pins.

5.  The appearance of the display is more uniform, organized and less cluttered because the charm pins are not visible.

6.  It takes significantly less time to decorate your collection with the charm pins than safety pins.

7.  I can hang more charms on an insert using charm pins vs safety pins.

It is time to move on from the abusive relationship with safety pins. hahah They take up a lot of time and energy   Making a theme ita bag is suppose to be creative, fun, and relaxing.  Making an ita bag can put you in the zone and forget about life for one moment.  Try out the front attachment charm pins on your next ita bag, it will be a match made in heaven. :) lol.

Option 1: Weave the charm pin into fabric lining.

Option 2: Push charm pin straight down, if ita bag or insert has foam or cardboard backing.

Option 3: Use charm pins for charm with metal ring.

Tips 4: Use charm pins for charm without metal ring.