Echo Backpack with Foam Leen Customs Emblem (Choose Color)

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1 Backpack (Dimension: 12 in x 5 x 17 inch)
1 Insert Pack (Dimension: 11 x 1 x 16.5 inch)
1 Double Sided Skin Insert (Dimension: 10.5 x 15.5 inch)

This exclusive backpack is made possible by a very passionate and dedicated Leen Customs pin collector. Thank you to Leen Customs Pin Garage for making this project possible. Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse of a fun, very intense and highly energized car pin community. It was the first time I learned about pins locks. I understand that these car pins are highly prized and protected by their owners. They must be locked down at all cost, just like their beloved cars. With this skin insert, you will not need pin locks any more. This skin insert is like a fancy car garage with security. You will not lose any parts of your pin collection. So park your cars here and happy car hunting.

Actual product color may be slightly different than picture shown due to lighting.




Store all your personal belonging in the backpack and simply switch the Insert Pack with another for a new look.  Decorate the Insert Pack with your favorite decorations such as pins, charms, and key chains.  Insert Pack is equip with two "D" rings so that the it can be hung on the wall as wall decorations.

Echo Backpack and Insert Pack is a sturdy Backpack great for school, work, or weekend getaway. It can fit up to a 15inch laptop. It has side pockets for keys, cell phone, and/or water bottle. 

Backpack and Insert Pack are lined with foam.
Foam laptop compartment inside the backpack.
Buckles and Velcros to secure and stabilize Insert pack to the Backpack.

Recommended Accessories
- Use Front attachment pins (Sold Separately) to pin charms or key chains directly to the foam.

- Use safety pins to pin charms and key chains to the fabric liner inside the Insert Pack.

-Purchase additional Skin Insert, such as heart shape, to alter the background shape of an Insert Pack.

- Purchase additional Insert Pack for variety

1 Backpack (12 inch x 5 inch x 17 inch)
1 Insert Pack (11 inch x 1 inch x 16.5 inch)

Charms and Key Chains Not Included

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