Echo Eclipse, Interchangeable Insert Pack (Backpack not Included) Choose from 7 Colors

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Aniji Echo Backpack Insert Pack. It is a sturdy pack to display your charms, key chains, artwork, or small plushies. Users will never lose their charms, key chains, or pins again. Any lose parts from your collections will be contained in the pack.

There are two D rings on the Insert Pack for user to hang on the wall to display their collections or fandoms. User can buy multiple Insert Packs to mix and match. The extra Insert Packs not being used, can be use for decorations on their wall.

There are 4 buckles, two on the top and two on the bottom, to attach and secure the Insert Pack to Echo Backpack base. The will ensure that the Insert pack will always stay attached to the base.

There are 3 strong Velcros to provide additional security so the the Insert Pack does not shift around.

The Insert Pack are lined with foam inside the pack. A thick clear plastic to protect and show off user's collections.

Use Front attachment pins to pin charms or key chains directly to the foam.
Or use safety pins to pin charms and key chains to the fabric liner inside the Insert Pack.

1 Insert Pack (Detachable Display Cover)

11 x 1 x 16.5 inch

Actual Color may be different than picture shown.
Charms and Key Chains Not Included

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