Front Attachment Charm Pins for Ita Bag, Silver, 100pc

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100pcs per pack

Pins for attaching charms, key chains, and accessories on to an Insert Panel. Recommended to use on an insert with a stiff board, such as quality card board, foam board, or custom insert with fabric, foam and board, for support. Weave the pin through the fabric if you don't have have a backing.  This will prevent the needles from being exposed in the back.

This pinning method is better than safety pin because the finished look of your bag display will be more organized and uniform. By pinning the accessories from the front, it allows the user to adjust and gauge distance more accurately. One of the best benefit of this method is time saving, you will finish decorating your insert in less time than safety pins. Make sure to push the pins straight down and try not to have sharp prongs sticking out of the back board.

Due to no lock on the pin, accessories may move and detach itself over time. Re-adjust and secure the accessories into place as needed.

Finally, be careful to keep fingers away from area you are working on. You may get pricked sometimes.